Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to the most common questions our customers make. If you still have doubts you would like to be answered please chat with us, we will be happy to help.

Do I need any kind of license?

If you are looking to charter a yacht without a crew (bareboat) then yes you will need a license. You need a International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or its equivalent. You can always consult with us to make sure you have the right certification.

If you are looking to charter a yacht with a crew (with a skipper and/or steward/ess) then you won't need any license.


If you are booking a yacht cruise you don't need any certification or sailing experience.


What's the difference between charter, private cruise and small cruise?

A yacht charter is renting a boat, crewed or not. The itinerary and meals are up to you. This is the best options for those looking to spend the most time on the water,

A private cruise is a yacht charter with an itinerary focused on visiting towns. Is a whole yacht only for your group, and you can consider it your floating hotel, ideal for touring the country without packing and unpacking bags. Meals can be arranged with a hostess, or on smaller yachts you can do the cooking (and provisioning). The itinerary is open for your specific interests. You will embark/disembark on your preferred location, previously arranged.

A small cruise is normally a bigger yacht that is shared with other travelers. That is you pay for the cabin, not the yacht. The meals are normally included (though not always), and the itinerary is set. You will embark on the specific ports set by the operator.


Security deposit

For yacht charters, the day of embarkation the yacht operator will require you to leave a 'security deposit' (by credit card), which will be returned to you when you bring the yacht unharmed back to harbor. The deposit amount will be clearly stated in the yacht quote for your reference.


Meals onboard

On charters: Bigger yachts may include complete meals onboard, otherwise you will need to buy groceries for your trip.

On cruises: they will include either breakfast + 1 meal (half board), or all meals (full board). At the moment of quoting you will see this clearly stated.



On charters: Other than the port of embarkation / disembarkation, your itinerary is free. You can plan it with your skipper if you have one, or if you wish you can get advise with us or the local operator.

On cruises: the itinerary is fixed.


What are 'Quotes', 'Options' and 'Booking'?

A 'Quote' allows you to compare similar yachts, destinations, or dates; if you want to discuss it with your travel group.

An 'Option' freezes the booking temporarily, until you arrange your air ticket or other details.

With a 'Direct Booking' we will temporarily hold the booking and send you the online payment request ASAP.


What travel restrictions are in place for my charter?

We suggest you visit this IATA page and inform yourself about the latest restrictions concerning your country of residence and destination.


Can I charter a yacht in Corona Times?

Certainly, and thousands of charterers can confirm you they enjoyed a fulfilling and safe 'Social Distancing' trip in the last two years.

Though almost every charter operator have policies that allow customers to reschedule their booked charter in case the authorities enforce new travel restrictions, we strongly suggest you protect your money (and peace of mind) with an additional 'Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance'.

Check question #7 for travel restrictions.


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