Sailing Around Sicily

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If you are into sailing, then you certainly have had many dreams about setting sail around Sicily, Italy, around the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas. You’ve dreamt of the wind hitting your face as you look out over crystal blue waters and see the colorful shorelines ahead of you. And then you wake up.

But you don’t have to wake up, this could very realistically become a reality for you and whomever you want to take on this adventure! Sailing around Sicily a charter yacht has become more accessible these days. Spend your days sailing around the island, the ball that the boot of Italy is kicking, and come ashore for good wine and pasta when you need to rest your sea legs.

Ready to start planning your next vacation by charter? Keep reading to see where your next trip to Sicily, Italy should take you.

Sailing Around Sicily

How to Sail Around Sicily

Sailing around Italy means that you are constantly surrounded by new cultures, foods, and people your entire trip. With each port you will learn all about the city and the history surrounding it. You can either choose a crewed yacht or a bareboat, which means you will be the captain and must prove that you can safely navigate and steer the ship safely. Boat prices vary from one thousand Euro a week to twenty five thousand if you want a bigger yacht with a crew aboard. Many sailors will prefer going to the Aeolian Islands, off the northern shores of Sicily.

Sailing Around Sicily

Hot Spots to Explore

So, what are some of the top places to sail to and around Sicily? The entire coastline of the island is around 1,152 kilometers long, with high cliffs on the north and east coastlines and flat beaches on the south coastline. There are many famous spots and landmarks to explore while you’re on land in Sicily. You can head to the capital city Palermo, which is on the bay in the north shore. And you can visit Mount Etna, which is the largest and tallest—and most active—volcano in Europe.

Many crewed trips will prefer to sail between the north coast of Sicily and Palermo, Calabria, and the Aeolian Islands. You should start your journey in Palermo, Milazzo, Porto Rosa, Cefalu, or Sant Agata in order to find your ideal yacht charter for your adventure. You will really be able to find breathtaking and crystal water and bays no matter where you go.

Sicily is great because you can easily go on a day trip if that fits your budget better. A great one day trip to consider is from Milazzo to Vulcano on a crewed boat. You can reach Vulcano after about a three hour trip from Milazzo. Once you anchor up, you will be able to swim for a couple hours or visit the black sand beaches and the lighthouse on shore. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see Mount Etna (it may even be erupting that day!). Ask your captain to sail to the Grotta del Cavallo, a home for hundreds of seahorses, and then take a dip in the Pool of Venus. Last on, go to Fumaroles Beach, home to a natural spa where sulphureous steam bubbles up and heats the waters you can relax in. A smelly experience, but worth it for the healing properties many say exist in these waters.

If you want a longer trip, you can plan at least six days sailing throughout the Aeolian Islands. While this can be a windy journey, you will love exploring the islands by boat. The first island, Lipari, is only 16 miles from Portorosa, which means that you can spend a lot of time exploring the island’s castle and swim in the waters. You can visit the ports Panarea and Stromboli and Salina, where you find tons of outdoor activities and colorful streets and boutiques that line the towns. Of course being in the sea, you must try seafood while you are in town, and that should be paired with great Italian wine. Continue traveling throughout the Aeolian Islands before heading back to Sicily and exploring the island there some more.

Sailing Around Sicily

Things to Pack

Now that you’re sold on planning a sailing trip through Sicily, you have to pack your bag! To start with the obvious, you will be on a boat and in the sun for a lot of your days. You will certainly want good sunscreen and a nice, large brimmed hat that you can use to keep everything out of your eyes as you relax at the railings. You will want to bring your bathing suits—enough to keep you playing in the water—and plenty of summer active-wear like shorts and tank tops. Most likely you will be attending nice dinners, whether onboard or ashore. Which means you should pack a nice outfit. However, leave the heels and crisp white clothes at home, you are just asking for an accident at that point. And don’t forget to leave enough room in your suitcases to bring home plenty of souvenirs from your trip!

Sailing throughout Sicily, Italy and the Aeolian Islands has the potential to be cheaper than booking fancy hotels that overlook the water from shore. And why overlook the water when you can sleep directly on it? Sailing is a great bonding experience and a very safe activity to do with your family and friends no matter how many days out you want to go. So, get your best bathing suit to lay out on deck in and a lot of sunscreen, your next trip on a charter yacht in the Mediterranean Sea awaits you!

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