Top 3 Sailing Destinations in Europe that you Cannot Miss

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Has sailing around Europe been on your travel wish list for a while? Now it’s the right time to act on your dream. All you have to do is choose your beautiful sailing destination. To experience that island hopping life you have been dreaming of you don’t need to head all the way to the Caribbean. Here are some of the best European stops you won’t regret making.

Take your next sailing holiday to the next level with our pick of the 3 best…

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

This gorgeous and unique stretch of Italian coastline seems made for road trips and sailing holidays. But the car can wait, it’s time to set sail for the islands of the Amalfi Coast.

Start off with the exclusive island of Capri. Previously reserved for celebrities only, this small island offers elegant villas, stunning gardens, designer boutiques, top-quality restaurants and impressive jewellery shops. But it’s not about opulence only. You will be welcomed by sunny shores, crystal clear waters, pretty towns, delicious local food and wine and gorgeous isles scattered around.

As with most Mediterranean destinations the warmest time of year to visit is during the months of July and August with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celcius. This is also peak season for tourists. May, June and September seem to be the ideal time to visit if you are not a big fan of crowds and/or excessive heat, and are looking to experience more of the islands as a local rather than a tourist.

After Capri, head north to visit the volcanic island of Ischia. Authentic, old-world and rustic, Ischia is almost the opposite of Capri. Here you will be able to relax in one of the many thermal springs, explore a medieval castle and take in one of the most stunning sunsets you’ll have ever seen.

Amalfi Coast: Top 3 Sailing Destinations in Europe that you Cannot Miss

2. The Greek Islands

Sailing in Greece is considered by many the adventure of a lifetime. No doubt.

The unique Greek islands burst with spectacular natural beauty and Mediterranean charm. All islands have their own distinctive character, offering not only breath-taking scenery, but also delicious food, historical heritage, and tons of hidden treasures.

Sailing around Greece will give you some great Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. Expect all the usual postcard like Greek images such as harbours filled with coloured fishing boats, white-washed villages, beautiful black beaches, and traditional tavernas.

There is so much to be discovered by the adventurous sailor! From cruising past ancient ruins to swimming in blue waters, from sunbathing on idyllically remote beaches, otherwise inaccessible, to docking your boat in a picturesque village where you can taste some traditional food and wine, and soak up the local culture. Can you think of anything better?

Greece is packed with numerous harbours and modern, fully-equipped marinas, where you can safely tie down your boat, shop for supplies, and explore the wonderful surroundings.

Greek Islands: Top 3 Sailing Destinations in Europe that you Cannot Miss

3. Croatia

With more than 1,000 exquisite islands scattered around, it’s not a surprise that Croatia is one of the most captivating European countries and one of our top picks for sailing - there’s clearly no better way to take in all its glory, beauty, and treasures than by sea!

The Dalmatian Coast will surprise the sailing enthusiast with sparkling bays, beautiful sun-soaked beaches, cool blue waters, hidden coves and remote fishing villages, where tradition meets glamour. Moreover, there are national parks and underwater life waiting to be explored.

Highlights include the old town of Dubrovnik, with its ancient city walls and Baroque architecture; the historic port town of Trogir; the tiny islet of Bisevo, home to the spectacular Blue Grotto; the paradisiacal Vis Island; and the stunningly beautiful national parks of Krka and Kornati.

In Croatia, it is possible to find tranquil anchorages, even during the height of the season when the weather conditions are idyllic.

What are you waiting for then? Croatia has it all!

Croatia: Top 3 Sailing Destinations in Europe that you Cannot Miss

Feeling like it’s time to cross that sailing trip off your bucket list? The Amalfi Coast, the Greek Islands and Croatia are our top 3 picks that can make your dream come true. Beautiful landscapes and turquoise waters are waiting for you.

Now is the perfect time to start planning…have a look at our yachts, the world is different when you see it from the sea.

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